Quality at the focus of the process

COPALIS has decided to base its quality policy on the following principles:

Listening to customers and customer satisfaction

Compliance with its customers’ specifications and requests.

Implementation of a food safety management system

Through ISO 22000 and FCA certification.

Control of raw materials and its suppliers

By the development of a partnership with its suppliers, who must adopt ethical behaviour and socially-responsible organisation.

Process optimisation and security

By continuous improvement of our equipment and our processes, and by operator training.

Environmental corporate responsibility and safety are taken into account at all levels

- Raising employees’ awareness to social, environmental and safety issues.
- Compliance with regulations and requirements applicable to ICPE files.
- Reducing the environmental impact of the activity.
- Reduction of the frequency and severity of workplace accidents.
- Compliance with equitable operating practices.
- Compliance with French social laws and maintaining dialogue between employees and the Management.
- Respect for natural resources. The fish by-products and co-products must not belong to an endangered species or be from illegal, unregulated, undeclared fishing.
- The guarantee of good labour practices and the fundamental rights of all employees.


Les certifications

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