A history which explains today’s success....



Merger of the companies SOGAL and Angibaud, forming the foundations of the future CTPP (seafood processing cooperative).


Creation of the CTPP (seafood processing cooperative) by the forward-thinking members of the fishing sector in Boulogne sur Mer who laid the foundations for the eco-responsible approach now applied by COPALIS, producing flours using co-products from seafood processing factories.


Launch of the patented CPSP® activity producing soluble fish protein concentrates for feed for young animals. Today Copalisis the world leader in the production of fish protein hydrolysates on a market initiated by the CTPP.


Development of a soy protein concentrate for the animal feed market.

1990 - 1995

Backed by its unique experience in enzymatic hydrolysis techniques, the cooperative invested massively in R&D and launched large-scale research and development programmes into marine ingredients (marine cartilage, collagen, peptides) for new markets, the cosmetic industry and human nutrition.


To optimise the use of marine co-products, creation of an ingredients workshop dedicated to food supplements, powders and aromatic extracts.


The CTPP became COPALIS®, one of the world’s leading brands in the processing and exploitation of seafood co-products and the marketing of high added value marine ingredients for the nutraceutical, functional food, animal feed, cosmetics and well-being markets.


Sustainable Performance prize - MFQ (French Quality Association) Environment and Society category.


Launch of a new activity: deep-freezing. Copalis diversified, incorporating a new raw material, premium fish co-products (fish meat and trimmings) for the agri-food industries.


With a view to developing its product range, acquisition of Valofish, specialised in surimi production.